Laundry Cabinet End Panel 880x580x16mm Polyurethane White
Laundry Cabinet End Panel 880x580x16mm

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Laundry Cabinet End Panel 880x580x16mm

$118.00 $139.00

Available in a variety of color options, the Laundry Cabinet End Panel serves as a valuable asset during installation. Functioning as a stabilizing element, it enhances structural integrity and contributes to an aesthetically pleasing overall presentation.

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  • Size: 880mm (L) x 580mm (W) x 160mm (H) Approx.
  • This end panel is exactly designed for our laundry cabinet and tops
  • Supports the stone countertop against the wall for stability
  • Color options available

Package including:

  • Pre-cut stone top x 1

Purchase notes:

  • Only suitable for our laundry furniture range and can not guarantee to match other brand cabinets
  • This item can not be returned or refunded
  • Dimensions provided are approximate and the variation exists


  • 1 year product replacement warranty (Domestic)

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