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Toilet Suites

Shop our wide range of toilet suites including wall faced toilets, concealed toilet suites, and etc, complete with a comprehensive design to suit any bathroom. You may find the latest wall hung toilets and back to wall toilets to upgrade your bathroom to the next level. Australian standard guarantee for long-lasting use.


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Bathroom Toilet Suites Sales Online – Aussie Owned Brands

All the toilet suites online come from our reliable local toilet suppliers. Thanks to their sharp focus on functionalities and trends, we offer you the latest design of toilet suits and bidets. Quality and stable performance will directly influence our daily life. Our toilet suites that all strictly meet Australian Watermark Standards are smart design looks to ensure a water-efficient and less-noise environment for you. The new models are still coming and we will keep updating you.

Wall Faced Toilet Suites

Also called back-to-wall toilet suites, this type of toilet suite is the most popular one in the Australian market not only because of its stylish modern design but the easy-clean, and water-saving features. Additionally, they have three directional water inlet options: bottom left, bottom right, or top inlet.

Close Coupled Toilets Suites

Traditional toilets are still welcomed by some homeowners who do not want to change the existing plumbing. They normally allow a fixed-up set-out or a bigger adjustable set-out distance.

Concealed Cistern Toilets

Normally called in-wall cistern toilets, concealed wall hung or floor standing toilets. Above the toilet pan, there is a stylish dual-flush and wall-mounted button to show off a luxury statement.

Care Toilet Suites

A disabled toilet suite is extremely indispensable for old people who have the difficulty in movement. They have more sturdy construction in the body and easily removable toilet seats.

In addition, we especially prepare the toilet bidets and the essential matching toilet parts for your replacement in the future including toilet seats and toilet buttons. Our online sales team will assist you with any questions. To avoid unnecessary trouble or waste of time or money, we strongly recommend you to grab some good advice from local professionals or take a look at our blog article ‘How to buy a toilet‘.

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