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Laundry Sink Taps


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Laundry Tap Sets | Laundry Mixer Taps Sales Online

Never buy a cheap version sink tap for your laundry tub cabinet or sink. The main reason is that you will pay more for later maintenance. Laundry sink taps, the same as kitchen sink taps, are the most often used item for your daily life. Undoubtedly, solid construction and long-life quality guarantee are so important for most Australian families.

Laundry sink taps are three-piece tapware that can be in a classic or modern design. They come with one pair of water taps controlling hot and cold water and one extending out the spout. They also can be wall-mounted laundry taps and fitted on the laundry tubs or cabinets in the style. Do not simply presume that 3 piece tapware is going to be outdated. The truth is that laundry tap sets are going to be more popular in the trend because they are very easy to control the hot or cold water from the perspective of energy savings and quite easy for maintenance at a later time.

Just imagine that if your cold water switch is not working well, just simply fix it or change to a new switch instead of exchanging a brand new set. Our range of laundry taps mainly focuses on the three-piece laundry tapware including laundry wall taps with the swivel spout. In addition, we offer lever handle taps for your laundry or powder rooms as well to add a touch of the statement.

All the laundry tap sets we offer online strictly meet Australian Watermark standards and higher star ratings for the wall savings. 3/4 turn ceramic disc spindles are so easy and friendly for all of you who care about easy use and maintenance. Meanwhile, the same series of washing machine stops will be highly recommended to create a neat and uniform appearance. Do not ignore the laundry tap sets in the laundry rooms and our quality ones will definitely meet all your needs and give you the best user experience.

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