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Washing Machine Stops


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Buy Laundry Washing Machine Taps Online In Australia

The washing machine stops are the most important tapware in the laundry room. They are used to connect with your washing machine pipes. It is an outlet for your laundry sink if you have one fitted. Most buildings are only fitted on the wall with two water inlet switches which are hot and cold taps.

This pair of taps are connected to washing machines with pipes supplied by washing machine manufacturers. In our extensive range, you may find washing machine stops in different colors and styles. We have classic chrome color, matte black, brushed yellow gold, gunmetal grey, and brushed nickel to meet your needs. Solid brass construction with an electroplated surface will guarantee you a long life usage to avoid rust.

Functionality – In terms of cartridges, washing machine stops can be a jumper valve or ceramic disc. The jumper valve cartridge is the traditional one in which you have to make a few turns to switch on and off. Ceramic disc cartridge is half-turn or 3/4 turn to make water inlets or outlets.

Price – Never expect the best quality and longevity from the cheap version products. A lot of later maintenance will happen. We promise premium quality with the cheapest price in Australia and solid trusty warranty service.

Style – Two general styles are dominating the markets including modern or streamlined design and classic or vintage design.

We have a comprehensive warranty plan for all online products. If your purchased products are under the warranty time, please contact us by email. Our sales team will get back to you in one or two business days.

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