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Kitchen Sinks


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Buy Kitchen Sinks Sydney Online

Undoubtedly, due to the appearance and functionalities, sinks are the most important element for all the families, because it is a big decision that will affect your daily life for many years, especially when more Australian homes have open kitchens which are connected with other entertainment areas, like dining or lounge.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are the easiest item to be overlooked as many home renovators focus on the design and colors of kitchen cabinets or benchtops. Many times, homeowners begin to select kitchen sinks when kitchen professionals already start the installation of the new kitchen.

Our wide range of products includes double bowl or single bowl kitchen sinks. For people who care more about the material, we offer you stainless or stone kitchen sinks online to help you easily find what you like.

How to choose a suitable kitchen sink for your kitchen upgrading projects

If you think your old one is not good enough to satisfy your needs or plan an improvement project for your kitchen, it is time to upgrade to our latest design collection. But what type is the best suitable for your needs and enhances the overall look of your kitchen. Here we offer you some good tips:

The material decides everything

1. Most kitchen sinks are made of the durable stainless steel grade 304 as our kitchen range. The advantage of stainless steel is its sturdy construction and easy clean feature, although limited color options are cons.

2. Pyragranite kitchen sinks are made of granite particles and polymers, and this material is more resistant to scratches and chips. Pyragranite kitchen sinks are totally new versions that come with a nice design and a beautiful finish, but the higher price of them is the main concern for customers.

3. The third material is porcelain or ceramic kitchen sinks which have a vintage look. Porcelain is more vulnerable to scratches but it gives people endless color options and ease of cleaning. Its cost is still high and matched with the classic kitchen cabinets.

The shape depends on your needs

1. Single bowl sinks – A single large bowl sink which is easier to soak or wash big things or large quantities of food

2. Double bowl kitchen sinks with equal size – For people who love symmetry in design and perform separate tasks, such as cleaning dishes and preparing food

3. Double bowl sinks with different sizes – Benefits of separate tasks for cleaning and preparing. But the idea is that you can clean up in a larger basin and prepare food in the small one.

The color tells the uniqueness

We offer you stainless steel, white, grey, or black kitchen sinks. If you choose a colored one, you need to find the same color of a sink mixer or sink tap to match with it.

Do not wait till the last minute to consider this important element in your kitchen. When kitchen installers or even the electrician guys asked how much space we need to leave for your kitchen sinks, homeowners realize that you forget it and due to the urgent installation time frame, homeowners made a rush decision and end up with the wrong kitchen sink. See our huge range and get one for your family.

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