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Buy In-wall Cisterns Online For own customization

Customize your own modern concealed toilets with our range of concealed cisterns if you are not satisfied with our in-wall cistern toilet sets. The hidden cisterns include two types that control the wall hung toilets or concealed floor-mounted toilets. They are quite modern and add a touch of glamour to a bathroom, cloakroom, or en-suite space.

You may select two reliable brands from our collection depends on your budget and actual needs. R&T brands are made in China and have affordable prices for all of us. It has its own mechanism and matching top or front actuation buttons. Meanwhile, Geberit in-wall cisterns are made in Germany and so famous for their premium quality and long-time warranty services.

R&T in-wall cisterns

It comes with the frameless or framed types to be applicable in different circumstances. According to the construction of your bathroom and professional advice from local plumbers, you will find one suitable for your bathroom. If you prefer a minimal design to save more space, you may like low height in-wall cisterns that can be fitted in the cavity or embedded under the low window or in the bathroom vanity units.

Geberit in-wall cisterns

It is so famous brand in Australia and made in Germany. Geberit concealed cisterns have all the advantages of R&T in-wall cisterns and also give you more space in your bathroom and provide greater design freedom and flexibility. Its high density and impact-resistant one-piece blow moulded HDPE tank bring you quality assurance for long-life usage.

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