Geberit Frameless In-Wall Cistern For Wall Faced Floor Pan Sigma8
Geberit Frameless In-Wall Cistern For Wall Faced Floor Pan Sigma8



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Geberit Frameless In-Wall Cistern For Wall Faced Floor Pan Sigma8


Geberit frameless in-wall cistern for wall faced floor pan is an essential part for your concealed toilet suite. Team with its own matching push buttons in different styles and colors to relax in a smart home.

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  • Article Number: 109.795.00.1
  • In-wall dual flush cistern designed in Switzerland and made in Germany
  • WELS registration number: L05087
  • WELS star rating: 4-star 4.5/3L cistern capacity
  • S or P trap back to wall faced floor pans
  • Fits standard 90mm walls
  • Compatible with all mechanical and pneumatic Sigma buttons available in Australia
  • 21 matching buttons available for selection. Please see the table below.

Matching dual-flush buttons – front flush only:

  • Sigma 20 Series
Models Types Shape
Sigma20KK Front actuation Round
Sigma20SN Front actuation Round
Sigma20KH Front actuation Round
Sigma20KJ Front actuation Round
Sigma20KM Front actuation Round
Sigma20KN Front actuation Round
Sigma20JQ Front actuation Round
Sigma20MB Front actuation Round
  • Sigma 21 Series
Models Types Shape
Sigma21 Front actuation Round
  • Sigma 30 Series
Models Types Shape
Sigma30KH Front actuation Square
Sigma30KJ Front actuation Square
Sigma30KK Front actuation Square
Sigma30KM Front actuation Square
Sigma30KN Front actuation Square
Sigma30JQ Front actuation Square
Sigma30MB Front actuation Square
  • Sigma 50 Series
Models Types Shape
Sigma50KJ Front actuation Round
Sigma50DW Front actuation Round
Sigma50SD Front actuation Round
  • Sigma 60 Series
Models Types Shape
Sigma60GH Front actuation Round
Sigma60SJ Front actuation Round

Note: Only the buttons above will match this cistern

Package including:

  • Cistern x 1box
  • Installation accessories and manual included

You may also need:

  • One in-wall cistern button to match it


  • 25-year spare parts availability
  • 15-year warranty on Geberit cistern and frames provides long-term security

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