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Laundry Sinks


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What is the laundry sink?

Also called a utility sink in the laundry rooms, it is a major convenience for hand-washing clothes and cleaning tasks around the house. It can be a single small laundry sink or double laundry sinks depending on your needs or the size of your family.

How to remove an old laundry trough?

After you switch off the main water valves that lead to the faucet and disconnect the washing machine pipe, you need to unscrew the trap by unscrewing the large slip nuts. Finally, remove screws that may secure the laundry sink to the wall and then remove the sink.

Where to buy a deep laundry sink?

If you want to build up a custom-made laundry cabinet to have more storage or plan to change to a new stainless steel laundry sink for your laundry tubs, we offer you a massive range of sinks in different sizes or colors, like matte black laundry sinks or black laundry trough. You may ask can I use the kitchen sink in the laundry room? our answer is ‘yes’ in many cases. Doing this may broaden your options because generally, laundry sinks and kitchen sinks can be used for the same purposes in your laundry.

You may select one single bowl deep kitchen sink with drainage on the side that would be a great helper to enhance the overall performance of your laundry rooms. If you have enough room, We recommend that you would think about a larger size one for your convenience of rinsing or cleaning garments because it will be a lot easier to separate clothes by colors and categories. Browse our wide range of sinks, you will definitely find a suitable one for your laundry.

In conclusion, selecting a suitable laundry trough is pretty important for all to maximize the efficiency of your laundry space. You may choose a single or double bowl sink with a premium stainless steel finish.

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