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Buy Bathroom Basins Online

Our architectural range of art basins takes the lead in the market and satisfy any need of savvy home renovators. Choosing a suitable basin for your bathroom is extremely important because it will affect the overall look and functionality of your bathroom. If you are planning to update your existing bathroom on a budget, opting for a new bathroom basin is a fantastic way to create a fresh look.

How to choose a suitable basin?

The basins or ceramic basins on top of your bathroom vanity units are a statement piece. There are many reasons to be considered. We suggest that you should decide what kind of vanities you are going to use, what type of art basins you prefer, and what size of basins are most suitable for you.

The size of art basins is the most important for the right selections. Many times, the size of art basins is related to the existing plumbing, the cutting space of your benchtop if you choose stone top vanities, and your personal preference. Also, matching color is an important factor that needs to be counted into consideration, such as gloss white basins, matt white basins, or color basins. Therefore, good advice from professionals is recommended.

Above counter basins 

The whole basin is exposed and sitting on the top of vanities. Above counter basins are often used for stone top or timber top vanities.

Wall-mounted basins

Wall hung basins are connected with the bottle trap (s or p trap) and bolted to the wall. Wall mount basins with a simple look and very basic function are normally utilized in the small-space area, like the ensuite room or the power room.

Insert basins

Insert or inset basins are half-embedded in the vanity top and used for stone or timber top vanities.

Semi-recessed basins

They are wall-mounted or inserted in the vanities and extended out from the vanity cabinet.

Undermount basins

They are buried underneath the vanity top and mainly used for stone top vanities

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