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Semi Frameless Shower Screens


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Semi Frameless Shower Screens In Sydney

If you worry about the irregular size of your shower area, semi-framed shower screens, also called adjustable shower screens may be your best choice to fit in. Unlike frameless showers, semi-frameless showers have fully framed construction on the bottom to prevent water from running out. Part of the glass on the top of showers will not be covered by frame for both pivot and sliding versions.

Our range includes chrome (or polish silver) and black semi-frameless shower screens to better match with the rest elements, like tapware, vanity units, and bathroom accessories in your bathroom. Matte black finish semi-framed showers are most popular now for people who love a darker tone style.

Our high-quality semi-frameless shower screens consist of the return panel which has 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm on one side, and with an adjustable door panel which can be from 750-2500mm. This will almost cover all special sizes of the shower area and our adjustable shower screen has the feature of pivot door and chrome frame to stop water leaking out, giving you comfort and convenience.

It will be an excellent investment in quality and safety for you to select this type. 6mm tempering toughened safety glass will be the best solution to reduce any hurt from accidental risks. In addition, thanks to our manufacturers, the Australian standards toughened glass will create durability and safety, plus super easy to clean.

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