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Shop our wide range of accessories. We, E-RENOVATION, provide the popular styles at affordable prices to ensure bathroom renovation projects are cost-efficient in bathroom accessories, kitchen accessories, heated or non-heated towel ladders, grab bars, and floor grates. Solid premium construction and long-time warranty.


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Accessories For Bathroom, Kitchen & Laundry

Many times it is these easily negligent items that make a huge difference. Our range of accessories offers you a luxury collection of accessories to add on-trend style injection to your bathroom and kitchen. All the accessories products online are made of solid brass or stainless steel in color and style options.

Bathroom Accessories

We bring you an extensive range of luxury bathroom accessories to suit your personal taste in Australia, Including towel rail racks, soap dishes, toilet roll holders, toilet brushes, and so on. The heated towel rails, called electric towel rails are especially welcomed in some cold areas of Australia to add more comforts when you walk out of the shower. Non-heated Towel rails, also called ladder towel rails are extremely helpful for a large-size family.

Kitchen Accessories

Never ignore the kitchen sink accessories or kitchen utensils including drainer trays, soap dispensers, chopping boards, and etc. They are pretty helpful for all the caring housewives. Due to the high-frequency usage, We are a Sydney-based kitchen supply store to offer you a range deliberately focused will 100% satisfy all you need.

Floor Grates

Bathroom floor grates, or floor wastes we offered come with long floor grate and square or round shape wastes including tile insert type in chrome or matte black finish. More colors will come in soon.

Grab Bars

Often called grab rails, they are the best safeguard of our loved ones. Think about the risk of the disabled or elder people who walk on the wet floor in the bathroom. Grab bars we offer meet Australian safety standards with excellent grades of stainless steel and look after our lovely parents.

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Money Back GuaranteeUp to 10 days return/refund

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