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The Taps Collection

If you want to see tap sets by collections or series, here is the place for you to see all the different taps in the same range including basin tap sets, bath tap sets, shower tap sets, and so on. This category is very helpful for homeowners to buy a complete set of tapware to pursue an organized and uniform look of bathroom wares which are specially prepared for our customers at their convenience.

Additionally, do not forget to check our bathroom accessories collections by the same series to reach a perfect matching effect in your bathroom design. In fact, all the bathrooms should be renovated with the same styles of tap wares and accessories if you plan a full-scale bathroom renovation.

For people who just want to upgrade one or two fittings, this category is still helpful to give you a good idea for matching. Our friendly reminder is that when you try to match your existing taps, the shape, color, and backplate of taps are the main concerns.

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