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Wall Mounted Basins


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Buy Wall Mounted Basins Online Australia

Unlike other bathroom basins, a wall hung basin without a storage cabinet is mounted flush against the wall and connected with the bottle traps to let the water go out. You may see them very often in small bathrooms or powder rooms where there is no much room for standard or narrow vanity cabinets. The wall basins themselves can be one or three tapholes depending on the bathroom tapware you choose.

A wall hung basin is a great choice for any family that has a bathroom and toilet separately. That means the bathroom and toilet are connected and separated by a wall. This layout is quite often in Australia to reduce the conflict of usage.

How to install a wall-mounted basin?

Following our installation instructions, it will be quite safe and easy. But you need a professional to choose and install a bottle trap that can be S or P trap. Proper installation is quite important because all the pipework is exposed. Normally, wall-mounted basins will be installed in a spot close to the floor grate.

How to maintain it?

From the perspective of cleaning, it is quite easy. Because all the wall-mounted basins are made of premium ceramic with non-porous glaze, you just simply wipe off the dirt.

You can not sit on the basin or put heavy things on top of it. This is very dangerous to do so. Normally inspection of leaking issue of the pipeworks is really necessary

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