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Inset Basins


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What is an inset basin?

An Inset basin often called a drop-in basin, sits partially on the vanity top, including a stone top or timber top. It minimizes the weakness of both the above counter and under-mount basins. People may see it partially dropped in the counter, while the top part of it is exposed to make a show-off if you select a nice design semi inset basin.

It is quite a modern look design in the family of bathroom basins and gets more popular now in the market. Depending on your personal needs or tastes, you may choose one with or without tap holes on.

Can drop-in basins be installed into the laminate benchtops?

The answer is yes and also it is not that hard to install it. Your laminate benchtop will be cut to accommodate the basin itself and apply a line of silicon or PVA glue along the edge to seal all the cut edges. You have to make sure the basin will be set inside with the rim flush to the laminate to avoid water leaking.

How to maintain the inset basins?

It is quite convenient to do the cleaning job on this type of basin. Instead of cleaning the whole body of the above counter basins, you just simply clean off the dirt of inset basins partially. But you need to keep an eye on the joints between basins and benchtop to inspect any leaking issue. When you clean the joints, an inspection of silicon around is necessary.

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