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Concealed Toilets

Also called hidden cistern toilets or in-wall cistern toilets, concealed toilets are a symbol of smart home design. You may find a varied range of them here for wall hung toilets, back to wall toilets, or even just concealed toilet pans only to meet personal requirements. Famous R&T or Geberit cistern brands are supplied for long-time usage.


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Stylish Concealed Cistern Toilet Suites Sydney Online

Concealed toilet suites, known as hidden cistern toilets, are the symbol of smart homes. Due to the invisible cistern, what people may see is the smart look dual flush wall mounted buttons and floor standing or wall hung toilet pans. No one doubts its convenience from the clean or usage, because all the important mechanical parts are buried in the wall cavity. Our range of in-wall toilet suits adopts two famous cistern brands in Australia, R&T, and Geberit. Especially Geberit, made in Germany, brings you all brand new experiments.

In Wall Cistern Floor Standing Toilets

Concealed cistern floor-standing toilets are designed for people who still like the style of wall-faced toilet suites but without seeing the cisterns. Floor standing pans come with soft close seats and are also classified by box rims, rimless, or tornado in functionalities. The most benefit for this type is less maintenance and a great look.

In Wall Cistern Wall Hung Toilets

Also called, wall-mounted toilets or concealed cistern wall hung toilets, they are the most latest and modern type for any smart bathroom design. The wall-hung toilet pans are comparably smaller in the size and adopted in the streamlined design.

In-wall cistern toilet suites are pursued by people who prefer a smart home feeling. Especially the wall toilet buttons on plates are quite stylish in design. For people who like this type of toilet suite, a nice plan and good advice from local plumbers are strongly recommended because not all the existing bathrooms are suitable for concealed cistern toilet suites. In many situations, the extra costs of plumbing services can not be avoided.

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