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Non-Heated Towel Rails


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Buy Non-Heated Towel Rails Or Towel Ladders Online

Compared to heated towel rails, non-heated towel ladders are a great way to air wet towels without the added cost of electricity while adding a modern touch to any bathroom. At our online store, we provide a wide range of sizes and designs in Non-heated Towel Rails at an affordable price to simply attach to your wall using the brackets supplied. You may find chrome or black towel ladders with round or square bars to match other items, like bathroom tapware or other bathroom accessories.

Non-Heated towel rails are different from normal towel rails because they normally have more rails vertically for hanging more stuff and saving your space. Especially for a relatively big bathroom, towel ladders are quite often used. Before you shop with us, we want to give you some basic ideas on how to select a suitable one for your bathroom.

Allocate to the right spot

Put it in the right place which is much easier to grab your towels after washing or shower to avoid too many watermarks on the floor.

Measure properly to get the right depth

The depth means how far the towel ladder sticks out from the wall surface to avoid space waste, inconvenience, or unnecessary hurts.

Types of non-heated towel ladders

Floor standing towel ladders or wall mounted towel ladders are your consideration before you go ahead with your purchase. For bathrooms in medium size, we recommend wall mounted towel ladders to save your space.

Young home renovators love the matte black color which is the trend in Australia bathroom interior design. But we still want to give you a friendly reminder: towel ladders with chrome finish or high-quality grade stainless steel finish are always classic and uneasy to be outdated. Due to the large size of them, we can not currently deliver the size over 1.2m. If you can not find the proper delivery cost estimate on the product pages, simply ask our online sales team who will be more than happy to help you out.

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