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Plugs & Wastes

Discover a range that includes cutting-edge universal pop-up wastes, designed to effortlessly cater to both 32mm and 40mm sizes while accommodating overflow and non-overflow configurations. From traditional plug wastes to modern pop-up designs, find the perfect fit for your basin or bath. Opt for the latest trend in universal pop-up wastes, easy to install and available in sleek finishes like matte black, gold, and classic chrome. Upgrade your bathroom with style and practicality today.


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Buy Basin Wastes Online in Australia

Discover our extensive collection of basin wastes and plugs, including versatile universal pop-up wastes. Our range includes the innovative universal pop-up bath waste, designed to streamline your selection process. It caters to both 32mm and 40mm sizes, accommodating overflow and non-overflow configurations. With options tailored to diverse needs and applications, our pop-up basin waste range seamlessly combines style and functionality for your renovation needs.

Understanding Basin and Bath Wastes

A basin or bath waste is an essential component that facilitates efficient water drainage from basins and baths. It comes in overflow or non-overflow designs, tailored to the basin sink’s configuration. In Australia, 32mm basin wastes are the standard for most vanity basins, while 40mm bath wastes are common for baths. Whether for a basin or bath, the primary purpose is to regulate water flow by blocking the drain pipes.

Choosing the Right Waste for Your Basin or Bath

Plug Wastes vs. Pop-Up Wastes

Traditional plug wastes feature separate plug caps for manual water drainage. Conversely, modern pop-up wastes provide a convenient solution, enabling control of water flow by simply pressing the waste mechanism.

We recommend opting for pop-up wastes due to their contemporary design, ensuring that plug caps are not misplaced or lost.

Overflow or Non-Overflow

Both plug and pop-up wastes come in overflow and non-overflow versions, aligning with basin designs. Basin models with an overflow hole require slotted wastes, while non-slotted wastes suit basins without an overflow.

Our product pages clearly indicate the compatibility of wastes with specific basin types. Most bathtubs, whether freestanding or built-in, are suited for non-overflow wastes.

Choosing the Right Size: 32mm or 40mm

Selecting the appropriate waste size hinges on basin outlet dimensions. Ceramic basins typically have a 32mm diameter outlet, while poly marble basins feature a 40mm outlet. Bathtubs generally utilize a 40mm water outlet.

Embrace Universal Pop-Up Wastes

Universal pop-up wastes are a future-forward trend, highly recommended for bathroom vanity units and baths. Installation is hassle-free, garnering favor from plumbers and installers alike. Our collection offers diverse finishes, including matte black, gold, and classic chrome, ensuring a harmonious integration into your design aesthetic.

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