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Over Bath Shower Screens


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Buy Bath Shower Screens In Sydney Online

Over bath show screens, also called bath screens, that sit on the side of the built-in baths. Especially for small bathrooms that have limited space, this kind of shower over bath will release a lot of space to create easy access and make your bath and shower in one spot. The glass panel can be one single piece or two folded ones that will include one single swing panel to have more enclosure space.

All the bath screens online are wall-mounted and have to be fixed on the side of baths to make sure a solid construction. we have 10mm thickness frameless over-bath showers and 6mm framed over-bath showers when you plan your bathroom renovations. The reason you choose this type of shower depends on your bathroom layout and plumbing conditions. Obviously, if you choose a freestanding bath, it will not be recommended unless a back to wall freestanding bathtub is selected and two sides of it must be fully against the wall to make sure all the water will flow into the bath when you have a shower.

Selecting an over-bath shower screen will make a bathroom look too outdated? The answer is ‘No’. Many modern family bathrooms still use this type to accomplish a modern bathroom because built-in baths are timeless and still welcomed by many Aussies in terms of their practicality. A decent over bath glass panel sitting on will be fantastic for ensuite bathrooms. Do not be daunting about the selection of over-bath shower screens because it depends on many reasons.

Additionally, our frameless over bath panels come with matte black hinges that will perfectly match your darker tone bathroom, such as matt black bathroom mixers, or matt black bathroom accessories.

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