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Buy laundry washing machine stops to connet with your appliance

Washing machine stops, also called laundry stops, are used to connect with your washing machine pipes. It is an outlet for your luandry sink if you have one fitted. Most buildings are only fitted on wall with two water inlets switchs which are hot and cold taps. This pair of taps are connected to washing machines with pipes supplied by washing machine manufacturers. At E-RENOVATION, you can find a wide range of washing machine stops in different colors and styles. Before you plan to buy a washing machine stop, there are some tips which would be useful for you.

  1. Functionality - In terms of catridges, washing machine stops can be jumper valve or ceramic disc. Jumper valve cartridge is traiditonal one which you have to make a few turns to switch on and off. Ceramic disc cartridge is half turn or 3/4 turn to make water inlets or outlets.

  2. Price - Never expect best quality and longevity from the cheap version products. A lot of later maintenace will happen.
  3. Style - Two general styles are dominating the markets including modern or streamline design and classic or vintage design.