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Mega Range Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanity Units are the focal point of your bathroom to transform the look of a bathroom by concealing the water supply pipes and drain pipes that service it, and providing more counter space to apply makeup or shave. In Sydney, there’s no better place than E-RENOVATION, where you will be able to see all the latest styles of vanity cabinets to suit a large family bathroom or view more compact styles for a gorgeous and functional en suite bathroom. Our vanities cabinets are from 400mm to 1800mm in length and variant in colors and materials. In the meantime, if you are sick of ceramic top vanity units, we prepare different color stone top vanities for you. And do not forget the latest LED vanity units. 

Our Vanity Cabinets Materials

MDF Cabinets (Medium Density Fireboard)

MDF consists of composite fiber and small pieces of wood which have been joined together with a type of wax. It has 30% of solid wood included in it. Polyurethane surface can greatly reduce the downsides of MDF moisture vulnerability.  
Pros: More solid construction compared to PVC
Cons: Vulnerability for moisture compared to PVC

PVC Cabinets (Poly Vinyl Chloride)

PVC is a special type of plastic being used in many parts of the household. I is very commonly seen and can also be used an option for making bathroom vanity cabinets. It differs from the rest of materials by being the only plastic and non-wood options.
Pros: Not that strong construction compared to MDF
Cons: More waterproofing and anti-moisture