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Why a towel rail is the first tick on your bathroom renovation list

Are you a minimalist bathroom design?  If yes, our single or double towel rails are no doubts your necessary choices for a better look of your bathrooms.  Before you start a bathroom renovation, towel rails must be in your priority list. Unfortunately, many people overlook them during the stage of renovation planning and end up being squashed into a bad spot or in an awkward place which is too far from the shower or bath area causing too much water all over the floor and a chilly exit from the shower.

Our towel rails offer you modern design look and variant color options

E-RENOVATION sharply focused on the future trends and understands customers are not satisfied with towel rails which chrome color, although chrome finish is still popular and classic. We specially prepare other popular colors for your selection, like matte black, stainless steel with brushed nickle finish, brushed yellow gold, gun metal grey finish, and etc. All these colors are more welcomed by young renovators and trend followers. And we will keep focusing on change of the market's trends and bring more great options for you. Our range does not only include the normal square or round shape towel rails but also embrace more streamline in the design. Do not hesitate, let us shop now.