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Difference between towel racks and towel rails

You may get confused that why towel racks have to be a separate category to be displayed. Due to the high demands of customers, more people like to have towel racks instead of towel rails for the sake of more space to hang up towels or even pajamas. Towel racks and towel rails are same in terms of their usage and both are indispensable elements for your daily use in your bathroom. Towel rails are more simply in design and will not be more than two bars extended from the wall. while towel racks have more than 3 bars extending out from wall mounted brackets. 

Towel racks or towel rails, which is better for me?

Whatever you choose depends on the layout and the right spot of installation in your bathroom. Considering to the more distance extending out from the wall, Towel racks can be more helpful if you have a bigger bathroom or have a spacious space which easy to access to it after your shower or walk from the bath. Generally speaking, as long as the towel rack will not bring you more obstacles to walk around. We do not want people to get hurts on their arms or heads if the wrong installation spots are to be chosen.