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Toilet Brush Packs

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A toilet brush pack or toilet brush holder includes a toilet brush and holder which is a must-have item in ever single bathroom or toilet. There are many types of toilet brush packs in the market including floor standing brush holders, simple plastic brush holders. But for any home owners who do not want a cheap version of them in the bathroom or want their bathroom accessories look modern and same design, we strongly recommend to buy the same series of bathoom accessories. Floor standing ones are quite simple and cheap, but they will give you really bad experience when you accidently kick them off and the dirty residues flow over the floor. 

Our range of toilet brush packs only consist of wall mounted toilet brushs and holders which are more popular choices for many homeowners, because no one will see the messy water on the floor and even it is hard to get access to the bathrooms. Additionally, these wall mounted toilet brush packs can help you save your space and creating more clean or sanitary environment. The products are made of solid brush with different color finishes. The classic color is chorme and trendy color is matte black. Also you will find other matching bathroom accessories in same series. Browse our wide range to lock up your most suitable one.