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Crucial Factors for Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity: Essential Guidelines

The bathroom stands as a decisive space within any home. The pivotal element in this space is the bathroom vanity, which must not only align aesthetically but also cater to functionality. When venturing into bathroom renovation, the initial step revolves around making an informed choice about the vanity. Here, we present essential tips to guide you through this process.

Plumbing and Electrical Planning

Before embarking on a vanity design, consult a plumber or electrician to avoid unexpected costs due to alterations in plumbing or wiring. Opt for minimal changes in plumbing positioning to reduce expenses. Strategically placing the vanity on the same wall as existing shower and bath taps can minimize plumbing costs.

Accurate Space Measurement

Take into account not only the vanity but also other fixtures like bathtubs, shower screens, and toilet suites. Ensure ample space for individuals using the vanity, allowing for door and drawer openings. Based on usage patterns, consider single or double-basin vanities, and factor in mirror dimensions to maximize available space.

Selecting Vanity Types

Once preferences, space availability, and installation locations are decided, choose an appropriate vanity style. Australia’s market offers diverse options, making familiarity with vanity types essential.
  • Vanity Top Material: Choose between ceramic and stone tops. Ceramic tops are low-maintenance and sleek, while stone tops offer luxury with maintenance considerations.
  • Cabinet Material: Opt for MDF or PVC cabinets. MDF is sturdy, while PVC offers waterproofing advantages.
  • Vanity Base Shape: Evaluate freestanding with legs, freestanding with kickboard, or wall-hung vanities. Wall-hung vanities are trending, while floor-standing options offer practical storage.


A well-planned bathroom vanity selection aligns with the overall bathroom aesthetics. This decision should be made while considering the bathroom’s complete look, coordinating with tiles, baths, and showers. Faucet choices should harmonize with shower and bath fixtures. While aesthetics hold importance, functionality remains paramount in designing a bathroom that truly excels.

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