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Why are kitchen sink mixers so important? 

  1. Above all, having clean lines and clear space is a key to a kitchen. Meanwhile, the look of sink mixer can set the tone of a kitchen. A well-designed sink mixer can stand out from your kitchen cabinet and enhance the style of your kitchen. However, a crudely made sink mixer can also affect the whole look of a kitchen. So kitchen sink mixers are very important to kitchen. 
  2. Safety of a kitchen sink mixer is also something to be considered. Most of families in Australia are big families and in most of homes, kitchen is an open area connecting with entertainment area like living room or family room. Then the kitchen sink mixers are used more frequently than other mixers. Therefore, if the construction of a sink mixer is not sturdy enough, it may bring much unwilling trouble. All in all, kitchen sink mixer is very important to your kitchen.

How to select a kitchen sink mixer

Selecting the right sink mixers for kitchen sinks doesn't need to be as difficult as you might think. Here are some tips which may help you avoid making mistakes and make you happy with your sink mixers. The structure should be sturdy and reasonable. As a frequently used item, kitchen sink mixers should be safe and easy to clean by hand. In design, sink mixer should have solid finish. The swivel function should also be considered if you have a double bowl kitchen sink.

Considering for home renovaters, E-RENOVATION offers wide range of kitchen sink mixers, including goose neck sink mixer which has curly design and can decrease the risk of danger and swivel head sink mixer for reducing the chance of splashing water everywhere. There are choices of color for your selection, such as chrome, matt black, brushed yellow gold, gun metal grey and white. All of our kitchen sink mixers are friendly and secured and they add modernity to your kitchen.