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Why shower shelves are still popular in the bathroom interior design?

No one can ignore the functionality and importance of shower shelves which can be used to put your shampoo and shower gel on it. Tiled shower niche is the trend in the Australian market and more renovation lovers bring shower niche into their bathroom design instead of installing wall-mounted shower shelves. However, when the tiles become outdated some day or the grout cleaning issue turns to be big headache for house owners, the shower shelves no doubts are the best solutions for sake of easy cleaning and replacements. Additionally, thanks for our manufacturing beautiful design on the shower shelves, people still regard shower shelves as their first option for bathroom renovations.

Sturdy structure, modern design look and popular color options are our pride

E-RENOVATION provides a great selection of shower shelves for adding this most important bathroom fittings into your bathroom. Our range includes different style of shower shelves including glass shelves, solid brass shower shelves, and stainless steel shower shelves. The design of our shower shelves is not just concentrated on the nice look, but on the convenient usage and safe concerns. All the solid brass or stainless steel shower shelves have the hollow slots for easy cleaning and what you need to do is just to use hand held shower head to wash it after you finish your shower.