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Buy Basin Wastes Online Australia

We offer a comprehensive range of plugs and wastes that even include universal pop up waste. Especially for the baths, the universal pop up bath waste will reduce unnecessary mistakes when selecting because it can be 32mm or 40mm and even overflow or non-overflow. With a selection to suit anyone’s needs and applications, our range of pop up basin wastes is a renovating must-have element that is sleek in design and practical in use. 

What is a basin or bath waste?

A basin or bath waste is an important part designed to enable water to run off from the basin smoothly and safely. It can be overflow or non-overflow depending on the design of basin sinks. In Australia, for most of the vanity basins, 32mm basin wastes are very normal in size and for baths, 40mm bath wastes are standard. Whatever it is a basin waste or bath waste, the basic function is to block the pipes, allowing it to fill up with water.

Pop up wastes, although previously they were often neglected, are getting more attention from all the observant home renovators. If you choose a mismatching one for your vanity units or freestanding bath, it will make your expenditure on bathroom furniture less valuable.

A few tips to choose a suitable waste for basin or bath

Plugs wastes or pop up wastes

A basin plug waste is a very traditional one that has separate plug caps. What we need to do is simply removing it to let the water run out from the basin or bath.

Pop-up waste is a modern design basin waste that was press up or down to control the water.

We strongly recommend pop-up wastes because they are the latest design and there are no worries about losing the plug caps.

Overflow or non-overflow

Both features apply to pop up wastes or plug wastes. It depends on whether the basins are slotted (basins with an overflow hole) or non-slotted (basins without an overflow hole). We have made a clear statement on all product pages of basins. Most of the baths, whatever it is a freestanding bath or built-in bath, are matched with non-overflow wastes.

32mm or 40mm plug and waste

It depends on the size of basin outlets. Most ceramic basins have 32 mm in diameter and poly marble basins come with 40mm in diameter. Most bathtubs only have a 40 mm water outlet.

Universal pop up wastes

This is the trend in the future. Highly recommend this type of wastes for your bathroom vanity unit basins or baths. They are very easy to install as well and plumbers or any installers will definitely love them. Also, we have different finishes, like matte black, gold, and classic chrome finishes.

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