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Choosing the Perfect Toilet Suite: Essential Tips for Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom toilet stands as a pivotal element, exerting a significant influence on both function and aesthetics. Over the past 15 years, toilet designs have undergone remarkable transformations, encompassing traditional close coupled toilets, back-to-wall models, and in-wall cistern toilet suites. Our toilet suites excel in style, comfort, and water efficiency, catering to diverse customer preferences. Before embarking on the purchase of a toilet suite from E-RENOVATION’s online shop, we offer crucial insights to assist you in finding the ideal toilet for your home renovation.

Plumbing Investigation

The desire to alter the toilet’s positioning for enhanced space and comfort may inadvertently lead to increased plumbing costs, affecting other fixtures like bathtubs, vanities, mixers, and accessories. Engage a professional plumber to assess your bathroom on-site and provide a quote. This step aids in understanding the feasibility of plumbing changes within your budget.

Pan Type Determination

Australian properties typically feature three common pan types: S-trap, P-trap, and Skew trap. The S-trap connects to the floor waste pipe, while the P-trap’s waste pipe connects to the wall. Skew pans are observed in older homes, characterized by pipes extending on either side of the toilet bowl.

Check Set-Out Distance

Before selecting a toilet, familiarize yourself with the set-out distance, indicated on our product pages for each bathroom toilet. This distance denotes the measurement from the wall or wall tiles’ surface to the center of the waste outlet for S-trap, and from the floor to the outlet for P-trap. Consult a plumber if uncertain to prevent erroneous purchases. Taking set-out measurements while shopping is crucial, although most toilets offer variable set-out options.

Water Efficiency Assessment

When replacing a toilet, verify specific rating requirements with your local council. The WELS scheme, instituted by the Australian Government, focuses on reducing water consumption. This scheme employs a rating system based on water usage per flush, typically with 3 or 4-star ratings. A 3-star rating uses 6L for full flush and 3L for half flush, while a 4-star rating consumes 4.5L for full flush and 3L for half flush.

Toilet Style Exploration

Modernizing toilet designs has been a significant trend since 2016, as many Australian homeowners transition from conventional close coupled toilets to innovative alternatives. These new-age toilets not only simplify maintenance but also enhance comfort and aesthetics. Our contemporary range includes:
  • Wall-faced Toilet Suites: These sleek options fit seamlessly against the bathroom wall, concealing pipework. They offer style and easy maintenance, featuring four different flushing pans, including box rim, tornado, rimless, and a mix of tornado and rimless varieties.
  • In-wall Cistern Toilet Suites: With prominent brands like R&T and Geberit, these in-wall cistern systems have gained popularity in the Australian renovation market. The option for wall-hung or floor-mounted floor pans accompanies these suites. Offering space-saving benefits, they exhibit modern aesthetics, reduce cleaning effort, and are particularly favored by many.
In summary, selecting an appropriate toilet suite involves multifaceted considerations. By navigating plumbing, pan types, set-out distances, water efficiency, and style preferences, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your bathroom’s functionality and elegance.

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