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Reviving the Classic: Embracing Three-Piece Tapware for Your Bathroom

In the current landscape where bathroom mixers have gained popularity, the timeless charm of the classic three-piece bathroom tap set is making a triumphant return in Australia. This resurgence is driven by several compelling factors, with three primary reasons taking center stage. Much like mixers, our tap sets encompass a comprehensive range spanning from basin taps to bath taps and wall top assemblies.

Budget-Friendly Plumbing Ease

Homes constructed 20-30 years ago often feature a built-in plumbing system designed for the classic taps equipped with jumper valve spindles. These taps require multiple rotations to control water flow.

While the one-piece mixer boasts simplicity and aesthetics, replacing existing tapware demands substantial work. On the contrary, opting for three-piece mixer taps eliminates the need to alter the plumbing infrastructure. Installing new tapware with professional plumbers’ assistance is a straightforward solution. This budget-conscious approach resonates with homeowners aiming to make cost-effective upgrades.

A Spectrum of Stylish Finishes

Beyond the timeless allure of chrome, contemporary finishes have taken center stage. Our Loui taps collection, for instance, showcases matte black, gunmetal grey, brushed nickel, and brushed gold options, expanding our range significantly. With this diversity, finding a tapware finish that aligns with your preferences and complements other bathroom elements is assured.

Modern Elegance and Innovative Technology

Recent years have witnessed the integration of new internal mechanisms into tap sets, elevating their performance. The reimagined three-piece tapware combines cutting-edge technology with fashionable design. Features like 1/4 turn or 3/4 turn ceramic disc mechanisms, pioneered by manufacturers, ensure effortless daily operation and satisfaction for discerning customers.

In essence, embracing three-piece tapware not only pays homage to tradition but also ushers in contemporary practicality and style.

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