FOREWORD (Only the guidance as followed)

•Please ensure these installation instructions are current and for the product they are intended for.
•These instructions are a guide only and all products must be installed and maintained by a trade qualified plumber.
•Ensure that the correct tools are used in each step of these procedures.
•Some back inlet cistern models also allow right or left hand bottom inlet.
•Wall faced pan is universal for both ‘S’ & ‘P’ trap installations.

N.B: For ‘P’ trap installation it is recommended not to use an offset pan collar.
For ‘S’ trap installations no pan collar is required.

Determine the orientation and set out of the existing waste pipe.
‘P’ trap fixed setout (pan connector supplied not required)
‘S’ trap variable setout available on all models (use pan connector supplied)

‘S’ Trap Connector Fixing Procedure

1. Insert connector bend into existing waste pipe and measure the correct set out and height (check your measurement) and cut to length.
2. Remove bur from cut edge of pan connector and fit pan rubber seal and cover.
3. Determine the correct length of the support bracket and secure in place using the fixing plate supplied.

Back or Bottom Inlet Pan & Cistern Installation

N.B: It is necessary to fit the cistern prior to pan installation.
All cisterns valves are pre-tensioned and positioned correctly, no adjustment is required. Check water level and adjust as needed. Note:Overtightening of cistern valves could cause damage and void warranty.
1.Remove the cistern from the carton and inspect for any transport damage.
2.Insert the cistern bolt and rubber seal through the base of the tank from inside the cistern using.
3.Fit the black foam seal securely around the tail nut of the outlet valve on the underside of the cistern.
4.Place the pan into position and indicate the location of the fixing holes beside the pan. Remove the pan and draw a line between these marks ensuring they are at right angles to the center line. 
5.Place the cistern onto the cistern landing area of the pan. 
6.Ensure the floor area is clean.
7.Apply an approved silicone sealant around the pan base, and position the pan whilst checking that it is level and a good seal is maintained with the pan collar. Insert the fixing screw provided through the hole in the pan and into the bracket. Check the pan for alignment and then tighten. Fit cover caps over screw heads.
8.Remove any excess sealant from around base.

Soft Close Seat Fixing (all models)

1.Fit the top fix seat hinge to the seat holes on the pan (do not remove protective cover).
2.Tension using a screw driver to allow the hinge to slightly move for adjustment.
3.Fit the seat to the hinge and align evenly with the pan edge.
4.While the seat is still attached tension the hinge securely (you might need to lift the seat and cover).
5.Check for alignment and adjust if necessary.
6.Remove the seat and fit hinge covers then re fit the seat.
7.Check seat alignment and operation.





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